Early Childhood

The Montessori Method is aimed at providing the child with the environment to learn through experience, guidance, practice and exploration. Maria Montessori believed that the child’s mind is most absorbent mind from birth to 6 years with the natural ability to initiate learning in a guided and prepared environment. The montessori child is an independent and confident child whose exploration of his curiosity forms his/her own knowledge.

The Montessori Method provides a unique development of all the senses of the child. The dynamic link to the child’s environment. was thus developed tin the time of the absorbent mind (birth–6 years), the joy of learning is more evident and effortless than perhaps at any other stage of life. Through natural curiosity, the child absorbs information, assimilates it with his senses, and constructs his own knowledge.

The Montessori method of education gives children ages 3–6 unique opportunities to learn more thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently through experience, guidance, and practice.

At Springing Stars, Early Childhood development is divided into two age group classes; the Nkonim lower and the Nsoroma upper montessori classes. Children are introduced to the five main learning areas of montessori at the age of 2.5 years.