Rosalynn William-Mensah

My name is Rosalynn William-Mensah, a teacher at North Ridge Lyceum and the mother of Akyedze and Minaana. Akyedze turned 4 years in June, 2017 and was in KG 1. For her age and class, l was worried because even though she could identify and write the letters, she couldn’t put the sounds together. I got to hear of Springing Stars Montessori in the school where l teach. Majority of the pupils in class one who came from Springing Stars Montessori spoke good English and had good hand writing. It didn’t take long for me to make a decision. In October, 2017, Akyedze and Minaana joined the Springing Stars Family. Four (4) months of being in this school, Akyedze writes pretty well, she reads and is able to spell. I know a year by now, she will be fully prepared for Class One. Minaana, who is 2 years and 3 months has been potty trained and can identify some letters, colors and shapes. I am a happy parent of Springing Stars Montessori and l will recommend the school all the time. Thank you so much Grandma and your wonderful team of teachers.

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